APA 2023

First, apologies for not posting in a while, my PC was down and things were just hard to get done during that time. But- I wanted to share a clip from the talk I did with Dr Amelia Herbst at the American Psychological Association's Annual Conference in Washington DC, where I spoke about building autistic social skills through gaming.

The talk itself was really well received, but the most positive feedback I got, or at least the bit that meant the most to me, was an autistic approaching me afterwards and telling me that he wasn't public about his autism. He stated that he noticed that I stimmed a bit while setting up the laptop, and seeing an autistic stimming on stage at the biggest psychology conference in the US made him feel a lot of hope for him being able to go public with his own diagnosis. Felt amazing to hear.

Overall the conference itself was amazing, met a lot of fantastic people, and am really excited to hopefully speak again at APA 2024, in Seattle, which will be a much easier trip- Instead of having to travel across the country, I can literally take a bus to the convention center.