Caravan Endures beta testing

Hi! Haven't posted much lately as I've been super busy with work, running social skills groups, being invited to work on a very exciting game design opportunity I can't talk about, and writing the Caravan Endures.

And on that last part, I've moved on to the beta testing portion of The Caravan Endures. I've run a handful of tests, and I've received a great amount of feedback. As of writing this, I am about halfway through my revisions for version 0.4 of the Caravan Endures, but once that is completed, I will be hosting more beta tests, usually around 2 or 3 PST on weekends, via Google Hangouts, Discord, or Zoom. If you are interested, please reach out to me on twitter @rollforkindness or by email at [email protected].

On another, more personal note, I apologize for not writing more often. Fall marks the return of school and a real peak in crisis cases for youth, and this year has been no exception- we have seen a serious spike in youth going into crisis, and my workload has increased extensively, likely due to a combination of quarantine stress, online school, political turmoil, and poor weather limiting outside activities. As such, I haven't had the same amount of time or energy to write. But, hopefully, things will get better soon and I will be able to update more frequently, as there is a lot to talk about.

And on the note of people going into crisis, if possible, reach out to your loved ones. Check in on them. A text can go a long way, a short phonecall, a scheduled jog together, etc. If they want space, grant it, but it seems like everyone is in a very hard place right now, and the only way we get through it is by supporting each other. And, if you like the work I do here, let me know. It really brightens up my day, and after back to back sessions with youth really struggling, it really does help keep me afloat and able to help my clients in need.

Anyway, I will post a link to the next public beta once I am finished working on it, and if you have any questions or thoughts, feel free to hit me up on twitter at @rollforkindness! Thanks for reading!