PAX West 2019 Recap

PAX West 2019 was an absolute blast. I met a lot of amazing people, got to volunteer with Take This, an absolutely amazing org that does mental health advocacy in the gaming community, and sat on not one but TWO panels. Also, my gaming buddy for 20+ years was an Omeganaut.

Me and my buddy Shane. My first memory was meeting him in detention in 7th grade, where he told me about Space Marines and the God Emperor.

The Panels were amazing. The first was the Therapeutic DM Round Table, hosted by the amazing folks at Game to Grow- Follow them on Twitter at @gametogrow

Links here- it's split up:

Watch DAY 3 - A - PAX WEST 2019 - RAVEN THEATRE from PAX3 on

Part 2:

And here's the second panel on Dungeons and Dragons and Development, hosted by @conmyt2, who does awesome stuff in the classroom.

Watch DAY 4 - PAX WEST 2019 - RAVEN THEATRE from PAX3 on

Amazing weekend, amazing convention, and an amazing opportunity to meet a lot of fantastic people and talk about the cool work happening in the applied RPG space.

If you have any questions about applied RPG work that you want to run by me, or have any panels that you'd like me for, hit me up at @rollforkindness on twitter!