Podcasts and a new game!

Been very busy lately, but I've got a few updates:

I've been interviewed on two podcasts, talking about the work I'm doing:

My interview with Nerdy People Play D&D:

My interview with Fortify_Str:

Also, I'm mostly done with The Caravan Endures. I'm working on getting art set up and doing UI/editing, but that should be done within a month or two, I hope. Once that's done, I'll determine how I want to distribute it. Seeing as I am spending some money on paying artists and UI folks, I will be charging for it, but I'll try to keep it affordable enough that just about anyone can get ahold of it, or just release the final beta for free.

The next game I'm working on is about building relationships with monster societies. It's actually a bit of a combination of two games I was working on- A monster relationship simulator where you learned monster communication styles, and a social worker in a dungeon scenario, where you approached a dungeon as a complex system where things had become unbalanced, and you could fix it and reduce the aggression that the dungeon was spilling out into surrounding areas. I've since combined that into a game where, after a human empire went to war with everyone who wasn't human, you are tasked with building up diplomatic goodwill with monstrous races. It's a very daunting game to build, and I'm still in the early design phase, but I'm hoping to put out a beta for it either near the end of December or early 2021.

Anyway, as usual, thanks for reading, and if you'd like to reach out to me, hit me up on twitter @rollforkindness!