Welcome to Culliope/Maryanne

Peter's note: I recently decided to diversify the content I host on Roll for Kindness, and could think of no one better than my good friend and applied RPG colleague Maryanne Cullinan. I'm very excited to welcome her to Roll for Kindness, where she will be posting a number of articles she has authored, and sharing her expertise and passion for the applied RPG community! Give her a follow on Twitter at @culliope /@CauldronofCulli.With no further ado, here's her intro!

Hi, I’m New Here!

Maryanne and Peter (as Gordon Freeman) at PAX West

By Culliope

Hail and well met, applied RPG fans, Culliope here, veteran middle school teacher and budding RPG nerd and academic. I am investigating using elements of role playing games in my classroom to increase engagement with content, understanding and prosocial skills in 5-8th grade students. I’m also a student at Lesley University, working towards a PhD in education on the same topics.

When I’m not studying the APA 7 style guide or teaching, I love to be around people, co-thinking and creating new ideas. I’m interested in everything from play writing to house rabbits, improv, history, costume design, anatomy, biology, backyard chickens, streamed rpgs, child and adolescent development and impractical shoes. I’m a mom of three here in rural NH, experiencing middle schoolers full time at school and now at home as well.

In terms of RPGS, I am invested in collaborative world building, roleplay, inclusive tables and growing new DMs. But mostly, I want to empower the next generation of enthusiasts to come to the table ready to play, listen, respect each other, have fun and push each other to be better people. ...Also, I love roving maulers. Look them up. You won’t be sorry.  Well, maybe only a little sorry.

Deer teacher

As an active member of the Peter Jung fan club, I am delighted to be working on Roll For Kindness.  I’ll be adding content about rpgs in education, after school D&D clubs, working with beginning DMs, and interesting academic articles and resources as I find them. There’s always something bubbling in Culliope’s Cauldron, so come sit by the fire and find out what’s cooking!

-- Maryanne Cullinan, aka Culliope.